My work is an attempt to understand my relationship to others. I use aesthetic mediums to communicate things that definite words do not allow me to. I’m interested in the concepts of superficiality as a basis for understanding more intrinsic human qualities; often using spectacle as the reflection of the self. I am interested in the idea of “the other” as a hopeful symbol; the rawness of the “imaginary body” as a cultural ambassador.  I believe that the contemporary freak is the ultimate “freak of culture.” A “freak” which chooses to get on the stage, rather that being forced to. I am concerned with the relationship between the achievement of admiration and the pursuit for empathy.  

My work reflects my exploration of these topics.  It is an attempt to display the craving for core human sensations in a culture moving at an overwhelming pace. My own search for belonging in the verge of a grotesque world.